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At SOMESH AUTOMOBILES, automobile is not just our business, it’s personal. Which is why we always give you our best – not just in our cars, but also in the way we serve you.
Like telling you your service cost in advance. And providing you with the cost of each repair and replacement your vehicle requires, even before you step into our centre. Because we want you to feel assured. Feel like family, for a change.

Maruti Suzuki Free coupon Service

If you’ve bought a New Maruti-Suzuki why go far, you can get it serviced at SOMESH AUTOMOBILES in your neighborhood.You can avail all three free services offered on the purchase of your Maruti-Suzuki at SOMESH AUTOMOBILES keeping your warranty intact.


Paid Service & Routine Service

To keep your Maruti-Suzuki running smoothly and give its best performance at all times, the company recommends routine service maintenance on regular intervals that depends on the mileage covered by your vehicle. We at SOMESH AUTOMOBILES ensure that the service being carried out on your vehicle is being carried out as per service schedule for the respective mileage on your car odometer.

Checks performed every time you get Routine/Paid Service done on your car to ensure all the stationery and moving parts, sub-assemblies are in perfect running condition, spares that are found to be worn out or can be the cause of breakdown of your vehicle in near future are replaced.



At SOMESH AUTOMOBILES, we take care of every small and big issue that your vehicle faces in its lifetime. Depending on the model, our team will analyze your car and will detail you the current condition of each component. Furthermore, our mechanics will show you why your car must undergo the replacement or repair. It is only after your consent that the repairing will be enforced.


Below is a list of Minor-Major services we provide:


  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspecting steering components
  • Emissions repair
  • Oil changing and tune-ups
  • Brake system repair
  • Inspecting suspension
  • Checking gearbox condition
  • Diesel service and repair
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine repair / Replacement
  • Transmission repair / Replacement


Minor and Intermediate:

  • Checking all filters condition
  • Checking all lubricant levels
  • Testing light operations
  • Inspecting tire pressure, tire mounting and balancing
  • Inspecting fan belts
  • Tube and hose repairs
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