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A simple battery check from Somesh Automobiles Car Service will help you avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery.

  • Detach battery deterioration before failure occurs
  • High-quality batteries
  • Environment-friendly disposal of old batteries

This is a tricky part. The car batteries do not give us any warning and then suddenly stop working. But, on the other hand, you know your car has a problem when it does not start. So there is no harm in periodically getting your Maruti Suzuki car battery checked by Somesh Automobiles Car Services.

Why is a regular battery check recommendable?

No one wants to be standing on the side of the road at an odd hour, searching for help, because of their car’s battery. We’ve all been in that spot at least once in our life. If yes, you probably don’t want to experience that feeling again. So, it’s better to get your car’s battery checked periodically.

If you want the best deals and quality services as always, then Somesh Automobiles Car Services is happy to be of help. Battery service should be done especially during and after winter because cold weathers always have the worst effects on machines.

If we find the battery is dying, we’ll inform you and replace it with the high-quality Somesh Automobiles Car Service products, which will give your car better reliability and long life.

What is involved in a battery check?

The examination will start with a visual assessment of the car’s battery. If there is any damage, the Somesh Automobiles team will check your car’s terminals. If the terminals are found corrupted, there will be no option left but to charge the battery.

Corroded terminals mean the power cables will not be able to form a good connection. But we’re here to take care of that problem.

The next step is to check the voltage of the car. At least 75% of its capacity is acceptable to start the vehicle. We then check the most important thing, i.e., if the battery can deal with its imposed load. For this checking process, specialized equipment is used.

At last, how well the battery is charging is checked. It is crucial if the battery shows a low voltage. The charging test helps us determine if there needs to be any replacement or if the car will run as usual.

As assured before, we only use high-quality products for your benefit and ease. Therefore, we recommend Somesh Automobiles Car Services battery check session for the better health of your car.

What harms a battery?

Aging is the first and most obvious factor in the deterioration of any machine. The battery consists of cells containing materials that unavoidably lose their effective properties over time. So, the car will require a new battery at some point.

The process of aging becomes faster if the battery already has low voltage. So, it is recommended not to use the car’s electrical devices while at rest. Allowing the vehicle to rest for an extended period and not starting it from time to time can also cause problems for the battery in the long run.

Temperature plays a vital role in the battery’s life. Cold weather will cause low voltage in your car’s battery. So, it is advised to keep your vehicle covered during winters, if possible. Also, getting the car checked after winter is an excellent idea.

Lastly, quality is also essential for your car’s life. Investing in Somesh Automobiles is a good option for the betterment of your vehicle.

If you are a proud owner of a brand new Maruti-Suzuki in Gurgaon, you can get it serviced at Somesh Automobiles.

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