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You must get your steering and suspension systems inspected. When?

  • Every 50,000 miles (approximately 80,000 km).
  • As part of your annual service or any time your car is in for routine service and the steering and suspension systems are accessible.
  • Your tires are replaced
  • Your brakes are serviced
  • Your oil and filters are changed

Why Steering and Suspension?

The steering and suspension systems are present in your vehicle to keep it under control and ensure that your tires are on the pavement. Problems in this system may make your steering wheel hard to move or control your vehicle.

These problems are easily noticed. If you find it hard to move the steering wheel, or if your car bounces or squeaks, you must request a diagnostic appointment from Somesh Automobiles Car Services.

Our expert team will run multiple inspections to determine the root cause of the problem- whether it’s regarding the steering/suspension system or something else. We will explain the condition of your car and offer you the best suggestions according to your budget and convenience with premium quality service.

Suspension Service

There are some other signs to look out for in your car. First, does it feel like your vehicle is turning forcefully? Second, does the wheel drag when accelerated? Third, does the car nosedive when you hit the break? And lastly, does it bounce or squeak while moving?

These are all the warning signs that your vehicle’s suspension is damaged. However, even if you are unsure about the symptoms, getting your car checked is never a mistake, just for assurance. Somesh Automobiles Car Services will be happy to provide you with this assurance.

How to tell if the suspension is damaged?

If something is wrong with your car, it will automatically show you the symptoms. So you have to look out for these signs.

Signs of a damaged suspension that you can see and hear:

  • There is a broken spring if you see one side of your car sitting lower than the other.
  • Push the front of your vehicle and see if it bounces twice. If it does so, there is a problem with the shocks and struts.
  • Your tire develops an uneven wear pattern, aka “cupping.”
  • You see oil, grease, or noticeable wear on your shocks or struts.
  • You hear squeaking, especially when turning or braking.

Here are some symptoms of a damaged suspension:

  • Your ride feels rougher than usual.
  • When you push the breaks, your car leans to one side in either direction.
  • Your vehicle pulls or drifts, especially around turns or driving straight.

These could be because of damaged suspension, steering, tires, or brakes. Therefore, you should book an appointment in regards to this issue.

Is it safe to drive a car with lousy suspension?

It is probably not safe to drive with a damaged suspension. The suspension helps your vehicle in road traction and resistance to centrifugal force when turning and braking. This could increase the risk of rolling over or ineffective brakes in an emergency.

Power Steering Service

How to tell if the power steering is going out?

Some common signs of a power steering problem are:

  • Noise when turning the steering wheel.
  • Change in steering response like delay or slowness.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel.
  • Low or dirty power steering fluid.

What causes steering problems?

Power steering problems are typically caused by:

  • Worn power steering pump.
  • Contaminated power steering fluid.
  • Low power steering fluid pressure.
  • Loose or broken drive belt.

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