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Requesting oil and filter change from Somesh automobiles Car Service can have some significant advantages, even though it seems like a routine service.

  • High-Quality oil and filter used
  • Responsible oil disposal
  • Enhances the car’s service record

Changing motor oil will positively affect your engine lubrication, but it’s just the beginning. Not changing the oil can cause severe and more extensive problems to your vehicles.

Why are oil and filter change significantly?

Oil does a fantastic job by ensuring the movements of engine parts over one another with little friction. In addition, nowadays, oil provides other benefits such as cleaning and protection from deposits over the engine parts.

People often forget to change the engine oil, assuming it will continue to do its job. In reality, oil does not last forever. Not replacing it from time to time, along with the filter, will lead it to stop working.

This may result in more friction among the moving parts, increased corrosion, and contamination build-up on the engine parts. Hence, it affects the performance of the car.

Somesh Automobiles Car Service will take care of this requirement for you. We always provide our customers with high-quality products and the optimum type of oil. As we all know how important environmental protection is, we dispose of the oil in an eco-friendly manner.

Filter replacement

The oil alone does not do its job; the oil filter in the engine also has a vital role in filtering the contaminants from outside.

Deposits formulation and microscopic particles are commonly occurring problems. Sometimes, these deposits cause carelessly carried out oil change tasks. In addition, there is a chance of significant harm to the engine if these deposits are not cleaned.

The filter’s main job is to catch and separate these particles, but it eventually gets clogged. But there is a valve present in the engine that opens up automatically when the filter gets clogged.

The valve releases the damaged particles into the engine’s sensitive area. It may save the engine from immediate harm, but it is not suitable for the long run.

There is a difference between generic filter products and those that meet the standards laid by car manufacturers. That is why Somesh Automobiles Car Services use advanced products to give you the best performance service.

When to request an oil and filter change

Many people ignore the oil and filter change. Ignoring it for too long may cause apparent damage. People may delay the oil-changing decision until they see a warning light on their dashboard or don’t bother if they don’t know the warning.

But if there is a warning on your dashboard, that means your car is already suffering significant damage. So how to tell when the oil and filter change is due?

The most effective way would be to check the previous mileage figure and compare it with the actual mileage since the last change. But most of us don’t keep the complete maintenance documents.

So it is advisable to check the engine at least once a year. More often, if you drive intensely.

Still, the best way to get the oil and filter changes is to maintain the Somesh Automobiles Car Services file documentation. It will tell you the vehicle’s mileage and what was done in your last service.

If you are a proud owner of a brand new Maruti-Suzuki in Gurgaon, you can get it serviced at Somesh Automobiles.

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