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We provide our customers with first-class service with multiple benefits.

  • Qualified and skilled team
  • Latest equipment
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Somesh Automobiles Car Service is your reliable partner for Maruti car repair and servicing work.

Car repairs – Scheduled and regular service and repair

Somesh Automobiles Car Services provides time car services with service offers for different purposes.

Somesh Automobiles Car Services provides a variety of packages that will cover all your vehicle’s needs. Or, you can stick with the regular car service that will tell you exactly what to do and when. Of course, you can take your car for assistance any time you want, but the best way is periodically or after covering several miles.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced in what they do. So you will find the best expertise from Somesh Automobiles Car Services. In addition, we provide the best and high-quality products in case of any replacements by using the latest equipment. So if you want a reliable car servicing workshop for your Maruti car models, Somesh Automobiles is the answer.

Why is a reliable partner for car repairs important?

We all know that feeling of taking the car to the repair shop after an accident or loss. We all have that anxiety about the process and the fraud.

But with Somesh Automobiles Car Service, you don’t have to worry about anything. We accurately diagnose the problem with the best and most reliable solutions. All is done as fast as possible to get your car back on the road.

With us, you can sit back in peace and get your car to transform into something that was never damaged.

Service and repair for vehicles under warranty

It is very important to service your car in its early stages. Meeting the service requirements laid by the manufacturer during this stage is important for the healthy run of the vehicle.

But the validity of the car warranty will only last if the service task is carried out in a correct and effective manner.

Somesh Automobiles Car Service will take care of all your worries with their advanced car servicing techniques and always get your car back on its tires in no time.

Regular list of Minor-Major services we provide Major:

  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspecting steering components
  • Emissions repair
  • Oil changing and tune-ups
  • Brake system repair
  • Inspecting suspension
  • Checking gearbox condition
  • Diesel service and repair
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine repair / Replacement
  • Transmission Repair / Replacement

Minor and Intermediate:

  • Checking all filters’ condition
  • Checking all lubricant levels
  • Testing light operations
  • Inspecting tire pressure, tire mounting, and balancing
  • Inspecting fan belts
  • Tube and hose repairs

If you are a proud owner of a brand new Maruti-Suzuki in Gurgaon, you can get it serviced at Somesh Automobiles.

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