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A computerized car diagnostic check from Somesh Automobile Car Service will genuinely show the working of your vehicle.

  • Fault analysis
  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Adjustment for optimum performance
  • Vehicles and engine management systems
  • Workshop personnel trained to an advanced level

The experts in computerized car diagnostic checks

Modern vehicles have a built-in management system for controlling and monitoring, so the diagnosis of engine problems has transformed during the past years.

Communicating directly with the onboard computer and gathering performance data requires advanced technology and sharp analytical skills. Somesh Automobiles Car Service workshop staff own these expert-level skills.

The process is brief, not more than an hour since there is no need to disassemble the components.

After the whole examination process, the Somesh Automobiles Car Service team will provide you with the reports and explain if there are any problems or replacements. This data is trustworthy since it comes from within the engine itself.

We provide clear-cut and cost quotations for a problem that needs attention to go back to normal.

What can a car diagnostic check tell you?

Our advanced equipment can gather diagnostic information of different engine management systems as it speaks multiple computer languages. Our equipment can cope with any modern engine system.

Combustion is a process of an engine by which it turns fuel into forwarding motion. It is a core process; investigating combustion problems is complicated but necessary. Somesh Automobiles Car Service does a perfect job of looking into this problem.

Since multiple variables influence the engine, it’s a little complex to determine the efficiency. Fortunately, the built-in systems keep track of most of the activities performed by the machine, like the amount of petrol and the time of the ignition.

These inputs are monitored and logged in from feedback devices in various vehicle parts. Inputs like temperature and emissions sensors are recorded to control the combustion process.

Our skilled technicians get a detailed impression of the vehicle by using engine diagnostic equipment to discover what the computer has done. This way, we figure out what is wrong with the car.

The diagnostic check team will gain access to information related to various components that contributes to performance, such as safety-critical items like brakes.

When should I request a car diagnostic check?

The customers are always notified regarding the engine warning light by messages appearing on the computer display in the vehicle. In addition, Somesh Automobiles Car Service further checks these problems.

These messages, however, are not of any particular help. Generally, an error will appear on the screen, which is even hard to understand by a layperson or expert. Moreover, it’s only the first step in investigating the actual problem.

Whether it’s a small error or other significant symptoms, Somesh Automobiles Car Service, with advanced equipment and experience, will find out the roots of the problem and present you with a detailed solution from the relevant data extracted from the computer.

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