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Brake repair and maintenance at a Somesh Automobiles Car Service workshop is guaranteed to ensure safety.

  • Brake replacement parts with manufacturer specifications
  • Brake check service
  • High-level knowledge and equipment

The brake system is the most crucial and safety-critical feature of the car. This is not something you can ignore for later or be careless about it. Somesh automobiles Car Service is someone you can trust your life with for the maintenance and repairs of your breaks.

Why and how often is brake repair and maintenance necessary?

The braking system works by using a pad to grip a metal disc. Wear and tear in this part of your vehicle is common because of heavy usage and other multiple components. This is why replacement and repair of brake pads, discs, and fluids are essential from time to time.

Unfortunately, many people wait a long time before taking their car to the shop; this is not a good decision because these things can lead to serious harm to life and property. Therefore, we recommend regularly getting your car checked by Somesh Automobiles Car Service.

However, it isn’t easy to pinpoint a fixed time to get your brakes repaired or replaced because different vehicles are used differently. But we can say that brake fluid will need replacing after at least two years to generalize.

What does a brake check cover?

Special equipment is used during our break checks, during which we check the pads, discs, and fluid. By using this advanced equipment, we take accurate measures of these components. If the parts do not meet the requirements specified by the manufacturer, we replace the brakes. We also check the brake fluid if it needs replacement because of contamination or other factors.

All the replacement parts used are of high quality, meeting the measures put out by the manufacturer. A full report is provided to you describing the condition of the brakes and what things need to be done after the examination process is over.
Signs that there could be an issue with your braking system
Although it might be difficult to tell if there is a problem with your brakes, there are a few signs to look out for:

  • A brake warning light on your dashboard
  • Softness under your foot or brakes that don’t seem to be responding to the pressure you apply.
  • Grinding could signify that your brake pads are heavily worn and need to be replaced.
  • A squealing noise from your brakes often indicates that the brake is failing to release, and your caliper would need to be investigated further.
  • Tendency for the vehicle to veer to one side during braking.
  • There is a high handbrake or too much movement in your handbrake lever (parking brake).

If you are still unsure about your judgment or need an excellent guide for your Maruti Suzuki Arena Cars to overview the situation, Somesh Automobiles Cas Services is always happy to help. It is always advised to get these things on point for the long run of your vehicle.

If you are a proud owner of a brand new Maruti-Suzuki in Gurgaon, you can get it serviced at Somesh Automobiles.

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