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Trusting your light service requirements to Somesh Automobiles Car Service has essential benefits.

  • Stay safe on the road
  • Avoid MOT and insurance problems
  • Fiddly bulb replacement is taken care of

If there are any problems with your car’s lights, do not hesitate to come to Somesh Automobiles Car Services. From not working bulbs to better or fancy lights, Somesh Automobiles has the answer. We will check the bulb and replace it with a good quality one (if necessary).

Why are car bulb checks and light services important?

Think of your headlights as your safety system. Many people fail to notice broken or fused lights. Some ignore it the other time and think it’s no big deal. But it actually may lead to unwanted accidents or police attention.

For example, you may not need these lights while driving in the morning, but at night, the chances of accidents are high. You may get hit by another vehicle from the unlit side of your car. This will cause damage to you and the other driver. This can cause you economical, license, or life loss. So, it’s always better to keep these things in check.

You naturally need someone you can trust with these things, just like any other repair, replacement, or safety-critical maintenance task. That’s why you should contact Somesh Automobiles Car Service. We do not just repair and replace headlights but also provide bulb checks and replacements.

Why ask us to do car bulb replacements?

It is a highly complex process if you try to replace the car’s bulb on your own. Firstly, you’ll struggle to find the correct bulb. Then, after going through thousands of options and documents, you end up damaging it before you use it when you finally find one.

Even if you managed to get the bulb without damaging it, it’s still a long process to place it in the correct position, which requires the proper tools and skills. It would be best if you also had a lot of time and patience to do the job, which can be pretty frustrating. Why go through so much trouble when you have Somesh Automobiles Car Service at your Service for all Maruti Suzuki cars.

Sometimes what seems like a little problem can be a great deal, even if it is related to a small thing like replacing car headlights. For example, electrical connections are often mistaken as fused bulbs. In such cases, Somesh Automobiles can perform quick checks to ensure if there is any technical problem or if it’s just a simple fuse.

If you are a proud owner of a brand new Maruti-Suzuki in Gurgaon, you can get it serviced at Somesh Automobiles.

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